Monthly Clinics on a Variety of Topics

  • Brigadoon Farm hosts the South Texas branch of the International Performance Horse Development Association (IPHDA). The organization includes horse shows which are video taped, uploaded to youtube and entered to be judged by highly qualified horse professional. The entry fees are small and prizes range from jackpots to saddles. More about this organization can be found by going to IPHDA.COM
  • BRING YOUR OWN POOP CLINIC is designed to teach horses owners how to do their own fecal count. Recent research indicate that not all horses need to be wormed as frequently current worming practices suggest. A fecal count can tell horses owners whether or not their horses need to be wormed.
  • IS YOUR CHILD HORSE CRAZY is designed to teach parents and their children about horses.
  • HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED A HORSE is designed to focus on adults who know little about horses but have always wanted a horse.